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Supporting Young Families

Updated: Oct 3, 2022


We want to highlight a program that we love: PREPARES.

PREPARES is a statewide initiative from the Bishops of Washington State that unites the Catholic Church’s commitment to life and justice. Led by the Catholic Charities in each diocese and facilitated at the parish level, PREPARES provides five years of wraparound

services to mothers and families who say “yes” to life - from birth to a child’s fifth birthday.

Thousands of families have been served through PREPARES since 2015. To learn more about this program and its impact on our communities, visit the PREPARES website.

We are proud to partner with two Washington families, Steve and Linda Banchero, and Bill and Marla Borton, to bring $1.5 million in new investment to this wonderful program over the next five years. We call our commitment the PREPARES Giving Circle.

If you feel led to help improve the lives of families within our community, please consider donating today.



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